Imagine an interrupted chain of people spanning 20,000 km from Africa to Europe via the Middle East. 

Imagine walking along this chain to observe and meet each person, one after the other, day after day, for 4 years. 

Imagine the diversity of social profiles and cultures encountered, kilometer after kilometer, across 24 countries.


This is the social experience, we (Enora Nedelec and Guillaume Combot) had the chance to carry out.






Today :

● The return, with all its opportunities, turns out to be as exciting as the walk! 
The next project is well on the way. We are working on a kind of thesis about the moral development of cultures: how the moral sense of cultures evolve and how this moral development affects the other aspects of cultures development (social, economic…). We are working on both, a research project (involving diverse fields such as psychology or history) and the realization of several supports (a synthesis report, but also books and documentaries for the general public).

● A side-project (under construction): the RSC, an evolutionary approach of the news, politics, and societies' development.