Imagine observing and encountering an unbroken chain of people spanning 20,000 km ...

It's the social experiment that we, Enora NEDELEC and Guillaume COMBOT, have conducted on foot, for 4 years across 20,000 km, through Africa, the Middle East and Europe (24 countries).




Today :

● The return, with all its opportunities, turns out to be as exciting as the walk! 
The next project is well on the way. We are working on a kind of thesis about the moral development of cultures: how the moral sense of cultures evolve and how this moral development affects the other aspects of cultures development (social, economic…). We are working on both, a research project (involving diverse fields such as psychology or history) and the realization of several supports (a synthesis report, but also books and documentaries for the general public).

● A side-project (under construction): the RSC, an evolutionary approach of the news, politics, and societies' development.